Hiiro is an iOS app for people who want more. In a world of superficial achievements Hiiro lets you become a real hero by running a marathon. This objective scares many away, but Hiiro takes you through the process from start to finish - quite literally. With Hiiro one can achieve what seems impossible and become one of the elite club of 0.01% of world population who have finished a 42.2 km race.
Marathon swipe
With our unique "Marathon swipe" feature, users can swipe through race cards and select the ones that suit them. Cards have every bit of information needed: registration advice, route information, registration fees and even weather statistics.
24/7 coach at your fingertips
Chat with a personal AI-based coach anytime and get advice on all training-related questions, from choosing best running shoes and nutrition to adjusting your training plan and getting support and motivation.
Training plan that adjusts to any schedule
An adaptive training plan tailored to physical attributes of users' and their lifestyle. Plan adjusts automatically if it becomes too easy/hard, or if planned workouts could not be completed. Sessions can be integrated to a preferred calendar app.
Who we are?
Coach Lead
Ekaterina Preobrazhenskaya
Kate is an ultramarathon runner and a UESCA-certified running coach with over 7 years of experience. And a winner and top-three finisher of several ultramarathons in the UK and abroad. She is a CEO and Head Coach of international running school Marathonica. Kate writes articles for biggest endurance sports online magazine and hosts a YouTube channel about running.
Sergey Shanaev
Sergey has launched two greenfield IT startups including Copper, where he acted as CEO of Copper Russia. With his help, Copper is leading in crypto-custody services for institutions and is currently evaluated at more than $1bn. He has over seven years experience in product development and management, and over five years in B2B sales and business development.
Pavel Yu
Pavel is a seasoned IT professional with a career spanning over 15 years. His track record extends to orchestrating L3-L4 load balancers, developing infrastructure, and constructing solid scalable architecture for cloud environments. Pavel's architected new systems with enhanced scalability, improved fail and partition tolerance and superior configuration consistency.
Product Design Lead
Herman Ivanov
Herman is expert in UX and CX, mobile experiences, design systems and an accessibility advocate. In the last 14 years he had worked for medtech, online visibility, automotive, service and equipment companies. He's an avid amateur runner having completed numerous marathons and currently on his journey to get his 5th World Marathon Major.
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